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February is the month most thoughts turn to LOVE. We celebrate love in many ways—candy, cards, notes, letters, and words of endearment. The books I write are historical romance, so they include many expressions of love. Sometimes these expressions take several forms. In the Wades of Crawford County series, Leann and Ralph Wade are a young couple who must wait for marriage. They love each other passionately, but Leann’s father, John Clark, believes his daughter is too young to marry. Leann is seventeen when Ralph proposes and John will not consent for them to wed until she is eighteen. Ralph decides Leann is worth the wait, and gives her a beautiful engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother.

Giveaway:  I will give away a four volume set of the Wades of Crawford County series to a commenter on this page.

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heavenmustwaitparti_medium  heavenmustwaitpartii_medium







Ralph expresses his love for Leann in several ways, but the most endearing is his decision to wait until they are married to make her completely his. He tells her they will find a way to wait, and faith sustains the couple through the next year. The romance of Leann and Ralph Wade is told in Heaven Must Wait and Heaven Must Wait, Part II.




The sequel, Follow Your Heart, tells of Leann and Ralph’s wedding and first year of marriage. The young couple finds the road to happiness is not always easy and sometimes filled with pot holes, but their love and faith are strong enough to see them through the adverse circumstances of life. Leann and Ralph never stop believing in each other.


The third book in the Wades of Crawford County series is, Through the Storm. The story is another tale of the endearing strength of Leann and Ralph’s LOVE while raising three children, making a living on their farm, near-death experiences of a child and Leann,  their oldest daughter taken by her biological father, and other circumstances of life. The novel has a happy ending, however, and is a testiment of endearing love, sustaining faith, and overcoming devotion.


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About Brenda B. Taylor

I write sweet historical romances, connecting readers of today with events in history, and telling stories about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. I most enjoy writing stories set in post-Civil War Missouri, and medieval Scotland.
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  1. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    Just hopping over to say hi! Tweeted about your post too. Thanks for sharing your series. Both sounds interesting. 🙂


  2. kitsyclare says:

    Stopping by in the hop to say hello. I tweeted about your post, too. Cheers!


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