The Christmas Child ~ Spotlight

Historical Heartbeats welcomes Author Darlene Franklin introducing her new release, The Christmas Child. Read the book to find out if the Christmas child is rescued. Darlene will giveaway an ebook copy of The Christmas Child to a commenter.


A year ago scandal ruined the annual Nanepaushat Cotton Mill Christmas Masquerade—the owner’s son tarried with a mill worker and she left, shamed and pregnant.

Tragedy strikes this year when the same son dies in a tragic accident. Can supervisor Preston Marshall and the shunned woman’s cousin redeem the flailing Masquerade and rescue the Christmas child? How will they overcome the difference in their positions?

Check out Christmas Child to read this imaginative retelling of Herod’s massacre of the innocents of Bethlehem.


Tap, tap, tap. Eliza Lambert snapped to attention at the sound of hammer and nail, only faintly audible over the rhythm of the cotton machines.

All around her women, Adelaide Brewer and Samantha Cole among them, had heard the same noise. Mr. Orson Sr. wouldn’t forgive them quitting their shift half a second early, so Eliza imagined the possibilities in her mind as she went through her final repetitions at the spinner.

What would the theme of the 1878 Nanepaushat Cotton Mills Christmas Masquerade be? The festivities had started before the War as a sales gimmick to get people to buy more cotton in the winter. Now it had become a highlight of the Christmas season.

When the final bell sounded and the machines ceased, bells jingled throughout the hall. Preston Marshall, the shift supervisor, stood on the mezzanine. Even at this distance, Eliza could see the merriment in his face.

Adelaide and Samantha joined Eliza. Last year, they’d done everything together. Walked to the mill together, worked together, eaten together, and celebrated together. There’d been four of them, Eliza, Adelaide, Samantha, and Eliza’s cousin, Marina Dowd.

When scandal had struck not quite a year ago, Marina had dropped from sight. The remaining three friends now worked in separate departments. They headed to a spot below the mezzanine.

God willing, no cloud would darken this year’s celebration.

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Author Darlene Franklin

Author Bio:

I live near my son’s family in central Oklahoma—in a nursing home! I recently published my fiftieth book (Mermaid’s Song) and would love for God to give me 50 more! He’s fulfilling a lifelong dream for me to write devotions through the Bible.

Contact Darlene:

Website and blog


Amazon author page

Twitter: @darlenefranklin



About Brenda B. Taylor

I write sweet historical romances, connecting readers of today with events in history, and telling stories about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. I most enjoy writing stories set in post-Civil War Missouri, and medieval Scotland.
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